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Published on 29th April 2020

Guaranteeing insurance savings and service

Associated Insurance Services is your single answer to the complexities of insuring houses, blocks of flats, residential conversions, mixed-use buildings and commercial properties.

You’ll benefit from our independent advice and extensive buying power with leading insurance providers.

Our expert UK team works alongside leading insurance providers to offer comprehensive cover for less. From the first call onwards, our advice is supported by a friendly, professional service.

Why pay more?

To save today, call 01702 443 543 or click the link below, fill in the quick form and we’ll get straight back to you.

One place for complete insurance peace of mind

From insuring houses and blocks of flats to commercial buildings, just ask. To meet your needs, we can arrange any of the following property insurance policies:

  • Buildings and Commercial Property Insurance
  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
  • Engineering Insurance
  • Homecare Emergency Insurance
  • Landlord Insurance
  • Lift Inspection and Maintenance Insurance
  • Property Owners Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Terrorism Cover
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Published on 29th April 2020

Sector outlook: Property after the pandemic

While the market for many sectors is challenging at the moment, and will remain so for some time to come, experts have been looking at the potential future opportunities. This includes for the property industry.

Global real estate services provider, Savills, pinpoints the following three possible growth areas once the current crisis has been overcome.

  1. With a renewed and heightened demand for consumer experiences, we could see an expansion in restaurants, leisure facilities, cultural amenities and experience-rich retail offerings.
  2. E-commerce is set to prosper further. The sector had already been growing at pace before the outbreak of Covid-19 and is now more in demand than ever. This is likely to lead to a need for ever-greater logistics warehousing and units. The same could be the case for data centres, as extra emphasis is placed on business continuity planning.
  3. Consultants, specialist companies and providers supporting in the above areas may well also benefit in the future, from advising on and developing new projects to fitting out spaces.

In terms of residential property, MoneyWeek highlights estate agent reports of the ‘pent-up-demand’ from both buyers and sellers, especially as February 2020 recorded the highest level of mortgage approvals for six years. Future inflation, the experts point out, could well make property more appealing as a ‘real asset’. MoneyWeek also forecasts a trend for country properties to outperform city ones as a result of the shift to greater home working. Properties even outside of traditional commuting distance of London and major cities may be well placed when the market returns to something akin to normality.

Finally, the rise in the number of rental properties on the global market could continue past the lockdown as Airbnb hosts move their properties across from holiday rentals and keep them there.

Gateway will continue to update you as the sector adapts and develops.

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Published on 29th April 2020

Property management and more: Discover everything we do on Instagram

Every day, tenants, freeholders, developers, investors, landlords and Resident Management Companies benefit from our open, friendly, proactive support in all types of property areas.

Our Instagram account is a good place to see our wider property services. Take a look at our recent posts to see how our approach at Gateway Residential is helping landlords keep vacant lettings periods to an absolute minimum, and how our specialist Lease Advice team is supporting individuals wishing to extend their lease.

You’ll find Gateway companies lead the way in block management, facilities, residential lettings, insurance, surveying, leasehold advice and more. All of our businesses share the same ethos: to treat each property under our care as a unique investment and every client as an individual.

For a new level of property service transparency, visit the Gateway Instagram account.

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Published on 3rd April 2020

Gateway Residential offer Six months full lettings management for free

Gateway Residential provides experienced, nationwide lettings and property management built around the needs of individual landlords and investors with a property portfolio. Existing customers can benefit from six months of free service. This offer ends on 1st July 2020. The team prides itself on its proactive, professional service, acting as a managing agent for all types of property from single homes to blocks of flats. We make sure we know your property inside out and understand all your requirements. From then on, you can count on our full support around the clock.

Gateway Residential focuses on keeping tenants happy, timely rent collection, account reporting and making owning property easy. Support can also include property upgrades, refurbishments and more.

Just click on the link below, fill out the quick enquiry form and one of our Gateway Residential team will get straight back to you. Offer ends 1st July 2020.

Get six months free lettings management
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Published on 3rd April 2020

Spotlight: Fact and figures on new homes

The UK’s housing crisis is rarely out of the news, so how many new homes are being built, of what size and where?

Government data shows that the number of new homes created in England has hit its highest level in almost 30 years. More than 240,000 properties were added to the country’s housing stock in 2018-19 (also factoring in property demolitions). Under former chancellor Philip Hammond, the government set a target of building 300,000 new homes annually in England alone by the mid-2020s. The recent figures improve on the record low of 2012–13, when fewer than 125,000 homes were added.

The NHBC (the UK’s leading warranty and insurance provider for new homes) reports that 1.4 million new homes have been registered to be built in the last decade. 2019 was the highest year for UK new home registrations since 2007.

A recent BBC article gives the size of the average new home as 92 sq m, larger than an average existing home (89 sq m). This varies significantly across locations, however, with new homes in city centres being the smallest (64 sq m). Away from cities, new homes averaged 101 sq m.

London has, unsurprisingly, built the greatest number on new homes, but it isn’t the fastest growing city or large town.

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