Alex Hancock, Insurance Manager, Associated Insurance Services
Published on 7th August 2017

The face of property cover Alex Hancock, Associated Insurance Services

Alex Hancock brings a decade of sector experience to Gateway’s property insurance arm. Working previously for Aviva and then a London-based insurance broker, Alex has assisted loss adjustors on site, seeing the devastation incidents have caused. Cover is critical when it’s needed, which is why it’s important to have the right policies in place, he explains.

Risk management by day. Motorsport fanatic in the evenings and at weekends. Former semi-professional go kart driver, Alex Hancock, joined Associated Insurance Services (AIS) in 2015. As Insurance Manager, Alex is responsible for the company’s growing portfolio of policies. “It’s very much a hands-on position across the entire insurance process,” he says. “My role includes assessing new risks, overseeing policy renewals and updates, managing claims and corresponding with policyholders, agents and loss adjusters.” Alex’s job takes him across the Gateway Group, working with the board on business development and local property managers at Gateway Property Management. “I support claims at property managers’ sites, as well as estimating future premium amounts for budgeting purposes.” Alex also liaises with the Gateway team at Associated Surveying on health and safety and fire assessments. “We’re all fortunate at Gateway to be supported by great colleagues, pulling together. It’s like a family environment.”

Alex started out in property claims after university, joining multinational insurance company, Aviva. “A friend recommended I gave it try,” adds Alex, who hasn’t looked back since. “I spent seven years at Aviva, gaining broad sector experience, skills and qualifications, finishing my time there as a personal incident and recovery manager.” Alex was headhunted from that role to manage a broker claims’ portfolio in London and the surrounding areas, safeguarding residential and commercial property. It was here that Alex supported loss adjusting, taking him out of the office and onto the sites of major incidents. “I remember seeing thirty or so residents surrounded by the fire brigade, outside a smoldering block of flats in Croydon. One of the bins had caught fire and the flames had spread. Fortunately, everybody was safe and covered. Insurance helped people get back on with their lives and that experience really opened my eyes.” Getting the right insurance in place is fundamental because, ultimately, people are paying their premium for peace of mind, emphasises Alex. “All the details need thinking about. For example, most people assume that a roof is a roof, but a flat roof is very different when it comes to insurance and these types of roof are commonly found on blocks of flats. They need special consideration, as well as outside communal areas, such as children’s playgrounds.”

Alex relishes the fast-paced nature of the role. “Working at Gateway can change from day to day and the world of insurance is evolving; what your experience and knowledge tells you to do in one situation may be different when considering the next case. We help clients who range from individuals with a single property to agents with multi-million pound residential and commercial buildings. Big or small, all of our clients are treated in the same proactive way.” Alex has enjoyed building a rapport with clients and colleagues: “Insurance is a much easier subject to talk about when you feel comfortable with the people you’re speaking to.” It’s the personal touch that

makes AIS stand out, adds Alex. “Our clients tell us that our personal commitment to service is refreshing in an industry increasingly served by technology. This approach, and our focus on truly understanding each property, has not only helped us to build further insurance business but, importantly, retain the clients we have.”

During his time at Gateway, Alex has seen a steady rise in the number of AIS policies. “We’re in a strong position today. We partner with leading insurance providers and are able to tailor-make cover for our clients, as well as delivering extremely good value for money. We’re putting more and more emphasis on risk management, helping to guide our clients even further.”

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